With the world rapidly changing, interest in renewable resources is growing more and more. There are different ways people are turning to help themselves as well as the environment. Solar Energy is one of those beneficial ways out of the never-ending vicious cycle of using depleting energy sources. The Sun being a vital source of renewable energy offers sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels.

So what actually is solar energy? Solar energy is the radiation from the sun responsible for generating heat and electricity. The ever-evolving technologies present harness this energy for different purposes which include generating electricity, for commercial or industrial use and in daily life.

 Different Types of Solar Energy

 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy: Solar energy is trapped through photovoltaic (PV) cells or solar thermal collectors. These PV cells help in converting sunlight directly into electricity. When sun rays fall on the cells, it creates a flow of electric current. You will commonly find this technology in solar panels installed in places using up solar energy like rooftops or farms.

 Solar Thermal Energy: Another way of making good use of solar radiation is through Solar thermal technology. It involves trapping and concentrating sunlight to generate heat. This heat is then further used for heating purposes or converted into electricity.

This too has two types;

 High-Temperature Solar Thermal: You will generally find the use of them in large-scale power plants to generate electricity.

 Low-Temperature Solar Thermal: These are often used in places like homes or buildings for small tasks like heating water or generating electricity for lamps.

 Concentrated Solar Power:  Mirrors like a plane and parabolic mirrors are arranged to achieve the directing and converging of sun rays. Lenses like Converse lense are also used. The mirror will force the rays to a receiver which in turn heats a fluid. The steam obtained is used to drive turbines producing energy. The best part of it is that it can store the heat energy for cloudy days or nighttime.

 Passive Solar Energy: This refers to the use of sun rays directly to heat the required surface without incorporating any technologies or mechanical systems. The innovative architecture and design itself suffice for the tapping of heat energy. Buildings and places are designed in a way they absorb and are exposed to plenty of sunlight. This involves the use of glass facing the sun to absorb heat or other thermal materials.

Hybrid Solar Energy: As the name suggests, hybrid solar energy mixes two or more types of the above-mentioned solar energy systems to create the best-suited one for you. For example, Concentrated solar energy is often merged with others to increase productivity or customise a system that best caters to needs. 


Solar energy is the need of the hour. It's helpful to overcome issues of global warming to a large extent. This concept can be applied varyingly.

●       Due to solar energy electricity is generated which is vital in today's world. This energy is used to power small houses or organisations.

●       Solar energy has been adapted to be used for running appliances like solar cookers, solar geysers, etc. Assists in water heating and ventilation.

●       Solar lighting can be used not only for homes but factories, offices, street lights, etc. Solar-powered pumps can be used by farmers to pump water in their fields.

●    Solar energy can be stored in batteries to add the advantage of portability and make it accessible despite odd hours and places.

●       Solar energy used as a solar furnace is good enough to operate industrial work of melting metals, producing energy at a large scale. Air conditioners can also be powered with this.

●    Solar energy can be used to charge electric vehicles, safeguarding the environment. Solar power can be used to power big generators.

●       From the smallest tasks like charging phones to driving big-scale turbines for power synthesis, solar energy can meet most of the ends.


Benefits of Solar Energy 

●       Renewable and Abundant: Due to the sun being the source, the energy supply is inexhaustible. It is abundant and you won't run out of it as long as the earth has the sun shining.

●       Easily Accessible: As the sun shines almost everywhere on this planet, solar energy is easy to access. Especially in remote areas where it might be difficult to get other means of development, the sun is always a good option to consider.

●       Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy does not lead to the emission of harmful gases or pollutants which helps reduce carbon footprint. Solar energy is a better alternative to the depleting resources which cause harm to the environment.

●       Economic Benefits: Manpower is needed for projects so when it comes to setting up these big solar power plants people are needed. All of this provides job opportunities to people.

●       Independent Source: Solar energy is sufficient on its own to operate the  desired system. It doesn't rely on other energy sources, hence retaining its renewable and eco-friendly features.

●       Cost-effective: Investment in solar energy is a one-time golden decision. Apart from the initial costs, maintenance and repairs don't cost much yearly. Government subsidies are available for solar panel installation and choosing this also reduces your electricity bill.

●       Diverse Usage: Solar energy can be creatively employed in small domestic as well as corporate units to perform various tasks. This makes it not confined to just one or two applications.


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